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Paviljon Daruvar

›› FLIG DARUVAR - International festival of brass music

Daruvar, July

The tradition of brass bands is related to the development of thermal springs in Daruvar. In old records we find that since the Czechs start moving to this area, brass bands began to play their music.


Days of beer in  Daruvar

›› Days of beer in Daruvar

Daruvar, August

Brewery Daruvar is surely one of the most important symbols of this town and its rich tradition. It was founded back in 1840 on the estate of Count Antun Janković and because it has been on the same place since its foundation, it is considered to be the oldest brewery in Croatia, and unique because of its method of brewing – using traditional Czech technology.


Days of the plums and schnapps in Sirač

›› Days of the plums and schnapps in Sirač

Sirač, September

Days of the plums and schnapps (brandy) in Sirač, a municipality 9 kilometers away from Daruvar, is a unique agricultural, cultural and tourist event.


Maska Daruvar

›› MASKA Daruvar - Little theater fair

Daruvar, September

The mask is a theater festival which in three days offers several (usually six) extremely high quality performances for children of preschool, lower and higher primary school.


International Autumn Bjelovar fair

›› International Autumn Bjelovar fair

Bjelovar, September

The International Autumn Bjelovar fair is the biggest fair event of the Bjelovar fair, but also the biggest specialised livestock event in the country.



›› DOKUart

Bjelovar, October

DOKUart is an international show of professional documentary films, designed to show the best, intriguing and artistically designed documentaries of region and Europe, by authors from different countries which speaking out on issues that know no borders and which are current at any time.


St. Martin's day in Daruvar

›› St. Martin’s day in Daruvar

Daruvar, November

The celebration of St. Martin’s day is an ancient folk custom of blessing young wine and, according to the Roman Catholic calendar, it is honoured on the 11th of November.


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