Coner Winery and Restaurant

Coner Winery and Restaurant
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Jabučeta 12 43 203 Kapela, Bjelovar, Croatia
Phone: +385 43 269 022
Cell: +385 91 444 70 10
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• Bjelovar Town Museum
• Bilogora Wine Road
• "Svijetle pruge" (outdoor gallery), Ethno-park, Romska kuća Maglenča (Veliko Trojstvo)
• Cathedral of St. Teresa of Avila (Bjelovar)
• Gallery of Naive Art Hlebine
• Terezijana (Bjelovar, mid-June)
• BOK fest (Bjelovar, beginning of May)
• Christmas Gala Concert (Bjelovar)
• Bjelovar fair (Bjelovar, March and September)
• Picokijada (Đurđevac, end-June)
• "RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL" – live images from history (Koprivnica, end-August)

Coner Winery and Restaurant Coner Winery and Restaurant Coner Winery and Restaurant Coner Winery and Restaurant Coner Winery and Restaurant Coner Winery and Restaurant Coner Winery and Restaurant Coner Winery and Restaurant Coner Winery and Restaurant

Hours: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am up to 8 pm, Friday and Saturday 10 am up to 10 pm
Capacity: 160 guests

Welcome to the heart of Bilogora, sweet corner of green Croatia. At the junction of vineyard hills and beech forests with fertile plain with river Drava, enriching her oak rainforest and the famous Peski (Sands), we invite you to relax and enjoy the moment that will remain a permanent reminder.
Visit us and discover the modern ways of producing wine, enjoy a wine tasting and socializing, and finally, take part of Bilogora peace with you.

We proudly present the Winery Coner, project of the Coner group. Each of the branches of our family business venture, the pharmacies and wellness centers across the hotel on the island of Pag, back to Bilogora, to the production of healthy food and good wine, was and is associated with health, body and spirit.

Playgrounds, walking trails, picnic meadows, lookouts, walking and cycling paths will refresh you and fill with power. Or just enjoy the sun, homemade food and good wine on our terrace ...


Carefully selected varieties were planted on six acres of Bilogora hillside in order to gave the best grapes. Using modern methods of treating soil and vines, we've cultivated healthy fruit, and nothing less attention was devoted to grapes when, taken off the vines, begins its journey to the wine.


In our restaurant you can taste traditional dishes of Bilogora, prepared in exclusive and contemporary way, made of food produced on our farm in Bilogora or farms in the area. All that can, including handmade pasta, is served homemade. With dishes from the Menu, we offer specialties from the spit and out of the oven. Two halls can accommodate up to 160 guests.

If you want to treat your guests in a different place, quality and exclusivity of Coner Winery will be given to you through a full catering service.


Children and sports fields, landscaped walkways around the vineyards, picnic meadows, lookouts, biking and hiking trails, are facilities that are constantly updated and enriched with new ones to give you a reason to come again.

In the restaurant, you can order a picnic basket and enjoy a meal on the lawn or in the shade of our linden, walnut and fruit trees.


The Coner Winery can easily and successfully combine business and pleasure. We offer efficinet and relaxing working day or day of team-building in Bilogora, for which our fitness coaches are available. Both rooms are equipped with equipment for meetings, workshops and lectures.


Wedding on the lawn in front of the winery or in the midst of vineyards, will make your unforgetable day, such for your guests too.

Family celebrations in the beautiful countryside will make the ordinary meeting an experience that everyone will remember forever.


Bilogora and its surroundings are rich in flora and fauna, and cultural content as well. You can engage in hunting, fishing, horseback riding, participate in cultural and historical events, visit the Bilogora vine route, the spa with thermal water, art galleries, ancient forts and archaeological sites in area which is inhabited since the first humans arrived in Europe.


Complete the experience of staying at Bilogora with visit to our wellness center. Our wellness philosophy is based on three basic pillars: Well-feeling, Beauty and Fitness. The center employs a team of experts who will make an individual program tailored to specific needs of each client.

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