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City museum Bjelovar

›› City museum Bjelovar

Bjelovar City museum is located in the city center at Eugen Kvaternik square. Established in 1949, located in the old city government building built 1832.


Cultural Centre Čazma

›› Cultural Centre Čazma

Cultural Centre Čazma is the cultural, museum, gallery, educational, service and public institution owned by the founders, the City of Čazma. Seat is in Čazma, Čazmanskog kaptola Square no. 13.


Matešin gallery, Bojana

›› Matešin gallery, Bojana

Matešin gallery was open at 2002. It is situated in the village of Bojana, which is located 7 km away from Čazma, 25 km away from Bjelovar and 60 km away from Zagreb. In the gallery there was permanent collection of art works of painter Franjo Matešin.


Svijetle pruge, outdoor sculpture gallery

›› Svijetle pruge, outdoor sculpture gallery

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