Cultural Centre Čazma
Cultural Centre Čazma
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Trg Čazmanskog Kaptola 13, 43240 Čazma, Croatia
Phone: ++385 43 771 037

Cultural Centre Čazma Anton Cetin gallery Aleksandar Marks gallery City Museum Čazma City Museum Čazma

Cultural Centre Čazma is the cultural, museum, gallery, educational, service and public institution owned by the founders, the City of Čazma. Seat is in Čazma, Čazmanskog kaptola Square no. 13.

Performs informational, museums, galleries and exhibition, cinema Display and publishing activities, and organizes and promotes all forms of cultural and artistic creativity.

As part of the Cultural Centre operates City Museum Čazma, which established the Society of Friends of the museum Čazma in 1958. , in which they formed a permanent museum collections. Over time, these collections are supplemented and created new ones.

Anton Cetin Gallery

Opened in 2001 within the institution Cultural Centre "Slavko Kolar" Čazma. Situated on an area of ​​80 square meters. The author works donated 19 works (acrylics, prints, lithographs, combined techniques) to City of ČAZMA - his hometown.

Aleksandar Marks Gallery

Opened in 2002 on the occasion of the 80th birthday of painter, draftsman and author of animated films, illustrator and designer Aleksandar Marx. At the end of his life, Marx gave a part of his painting and design work to Čazma, his birthplace. In the gallery are exposed 62 work (watercolors, drawings, mixed media).

You can visit the galleries with prior contact to director of the Cultural Centre, Jadranka Kruljac - Sever, phone number ++385 43 771 037.

(Source: official we of City of Čazma)

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