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Bjelovar-Bilogora County is the easternmost county of central Croatia. It mostly stretches through the Lonja and Čazma River valleys and is surrounded by the hills of Bilogora, Mt. Papuk and Moslavačka gora.

This is a gently hilly region with river valleys cut into the gravel-clay plains. Settlements are primarily lowland and often tie into one another, forming a series of long villages along the roads, extending several kilometres in length.

The county stands out for its great ethnic diversity, which contributes to its cultural wealth.
Bjelovarska županijaBjelovarska županijaBjelovarska županijaBjelovarska županija
The county seat, Bjelovar, is one of our youngest towns. It was established in the mid 18th century as a military-border centre, with a grid layout of its streets around a large central square. Important cultural and historical monuments surround the square: the Baroque parish Church of St. Theresa, the town museum, military barracks and more.

Čazma is an old settlement of great historical significant, particularly seen in the preserved Čazma Kaptol with its fantastic and lovely Church of St. Mary Magdalene.

Daruvar was an important settlement back in Roman times, thanks to the hot springs found here. The bathing – medical function of the town was restored in the second half of the 18th century, when Count Antun Janković erected a one-story manor with park and bathing building. Daruvar is the centre of the Czech minority in Croatia.

Daruvar SPA

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Daruvar has developed special type of health tourism just because of these natural benefits.


Thermal water park Aquae Balissae

›› Thermal water park Aquae Balissae

Daruvar Thermal Aquapark uses exclusively geothermal water with the average temperature of 32 °C (90 °F).


Christmas story in Čazma

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Christmas story in Čazma bestows events associated with Christmas traditions of Moslavina with Christmas creches and thousands of multicolored lights.


Daruvar vineyards

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Daruvar wine trail combines regional tenderers of wine and food. Visit Daruvar vineyards, where man deals with the vine more than two thousand years, and climatic and pedological features are kind of just want to be, to provide good results for the production of grapes and of wine.


Bilogora wine road

›› Bilogora wine road

At the foot of Bilogora, near Bjelovar and only an hour by car away from Zagreb, is located Bilogora wine road. Peaceful scenery, preserved nature and hospitable people of this region will delight every visitor.


Bjelovar swimming pool

›› Bjelovar swimming pool

R.R. Sport
Trg Stjepana Radića 2
43000 Bjelovar


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