Fair of cheese
Business Fair - cheese Fair in Grubišno Polje
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Tourist board of city of Grubišno Polje
Ivana Nepomuka Jemeršića 1, 43290 Grubišno Polje, Croatia
Phone: ++385 43 485 016
› Church of St. Joseph
Built 1782.

› Center for culture and informing dr. Franjo Tuđman
The holder of cultural activities in Grubišno Polje (Folk Ensemble, drama troupe, art workshops, music programs and courses).

› Excursion site Bara

› Church of Nativity of Our Lady, Mali Zdenci
Zero category monument.

› Church of of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Ivanovo Selo

› Sculpture-art colony “Bilogora 2007.”

› Hungary ethno house, Grbavac

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